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PLEASE CONSIDER COMING..... We plan to have terrific speakers, group activities, panels of those who have coping strategies, and much more.  You can learn about the most current research at our Conventions, meet others, spark initiative and find support! 

Audiologists! Patients! Family Members!

3rd Annual Misophonia Convention!

October 16-17, 2015

Chicago Illinois!

 The Misophonia Association is proud to sponsor the 3rd annual convention for patients, families, and providers.  We will meet in Chicago for two days, Friday & Saturday to learn, support, advocate, solve common problems, and focus on research. We also plan to have fun and enjoy new friendships!

 Please support this convention with your presence!  We need you to come.

 Professionals, let us know if you want to be involved!

To register, you must visit www.misophonia-association.info and go to convention page, fill out the form for conference & hotel and return.


 Misophonia Association Presents: History, Current Knowledge, Progress since 2013, Organizational Development, Goals Achieved, Positive message with Current Research Updates

Speakers:  Dr. Marsha Johnson, AuD: The Critical Neural Pathways for Misophonia in the Physical Body, Dr. Jaelline Jaffe: The Effects of Misophonia on Relationships, Family Life, and Work Life, Dr. Sessions: One approach to misophonia: PRT

Global Presentations via SKYPE, various researchers present current projects, intentions, data collection, more.

Cindy Simon: Technology: what is available for use?

Panels: Patients & Stories

Break out groups: Parents, Singles, Mindfulness Practice, CBT Session

Demonstrations, Coping Strategies


Dr. Marsha Johnson: the MMP and its outcome data (50 cases), Collecting Data from a wider range of family & friends, Dr.Jaelline Jaffe: Effective Psychological Therapies

Global Presentations via SKYPE, various researchers present current projects, intentions, data collection, more.

Cindy Simon and Marsha Johnson: Diagnosing Misophonia

Dr. Sessions: Practice Sessions

Misophones Panel: Speak Your Story, Pose questions to the group

Fun exercise of some sort, entertainment, poolside party

Kids Present: Short Skits about Misophonia from the kids/youth


First Annual Misophonia Convention 2013


October 25-26, 2013

1126 SW Park, Portland, Oregon

Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

FEE:  $125/2 days, 16 & under, free, more info 503 309 4223

PRESENTERS:  Dr. Marsha Johnson, Audiologist

Dr. Jaelline Jaffe, PsyD

Thomas Dozier, M.S., BCBS

Dr. Val Brown, Neurofeedback Specialist

Dr. Jill Melzer, Audiologist


FIND US ON FB:  Misophonia Association

Wheelchair accessible, all welcome




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