MISOPHONIA 4S Provider Network USA

What is Misophonia/4S?

Misophonia and 4S are both terms used to describe abnormal symptoms of an auditory nature.  In misophonia, there is a strong dislike for sound, this can be all sounds or only some sounds.  The term 4S, Selective Sound Sensitivity, was created to describe a condition in which a person experiences rage or extreme emotion related to very soft particular sounds, like breathing, chewing, lip or mouth sounds, or other very soft noises.  Both terms have been used in the past to describe these symptoms, with misophonia gaining more recognition in recent years in the medical community.  People who suffer from misophonia or 4S, experience difficulty with everyday living due to extreme and persistent negative reactions to simple noises.  The onset of the symptoms often begins in childhood and persists through a lifetime.  There can be one trigger sound or many trigger sounds.  Sometimes there are also tactile or visual triggers.

Qualified and experienced medical providers can help you with managing the symptoms and suffering associated with misophonia.  Please contact one of these professionals in our provider network for assistance and information.  

We credit Dr. Pawel Jastreboff for his foundational work in the fields of tinnitus and hyperacusis, for introducing the term misophonia to the world in 2002.   Dr. Marsha Johnson, AuD, coined the term Selective Sound Sensitivity in the late 1990s for the same symptoms.  This is the reason for two terms that describe the same condition. 

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Please do contact your primary care physician and report your symptoms.  Referrals to psychologists, psychiatrists, audiologists, neurologists may follow.  Alternative medical providers are also very interested to try out treatments for these symptoms, be very careful about your choices.

We endorse a multi-specialty provider team to care for you and your misophonia.
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