Misophonia Provider List

WELCOME TO THE MISOPHONIA-Selective Sound Sensitivity *4S* Provider Network! This site was created in the summer of 2011 to provide a comprehensive nationwide resource list of providers, we are adding more often and expanding to include professionals from other fields.  Please let them know you found them on this site!

Currently we offer names and contact information for professionals who have experience with misophonia, in providing effective diagnosis, support, education, and management approaches.  

Please visit the Misophonia Association for more information about this disorder, discover research, resources, advocacy, education and support. www.misophonia-association.org

The Misophonia Association holds annual conventions, and the videos from these conventions can be obtained as downloadable films from the main website above.    At each convention, current researchers present their findings along with many other presentations on coping, counseling, current strategies, advice, and much much more.

In the summer/fall of 2018, the Misophonia Association is sponsoring an International Symposium of Misophonia Researchers in the SF area.  This is an exciting new step in our search for the cure, and effective management approaches to this troubling condition.T

You can make a donation to research for misophonia on the website!